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Accessibility features of this site

This site makes extensive use of accessible features in XHTML. As of April 2009, most commonly available graphical browsers and assistive devices provide at least some support for these elements.

Each page is laid out using CSS markup to effectively separate the style and positioning of elements from the actual content. What this means is that visitors using older graphical browsers or text browsers will have full and clear access to the content but will not see the same display as as someone using a browser that supports style sheets. Also, because of differences in how competing browsers support and display style sheet and HTML mark up these pages may look quite different when viewed in different circumstances.

Each page (except the home page) adheres to a common template, meaning that the placement of key information and navigation controls is similar from page to page. The colour scheme for all images and text uses the common "safe" palette to ensure proper display on the widest range of systems.

Any images are appropriately labelled with alternative text. There are no complex images that require longer descriptions, although if any are added they will be tagged with the LONGDESC attribute to fully describe the images.